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Keeping a Journal Will Help Fine Tune Your Health

Fitday Editor
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We all want good nutrition, but even when we are motivated to live a healthier life, it is not always easy to figure out which diet is right. It is helpful to start with a familiar diet and go from there. First, start tracking your health with the FitDay food journal. Once you have tracked a few days of data, you will begin to see a pattern. Something may be missing in the diet and that is a good place to work on.

Spot the Deficiency

Many people have health challenges and do not see that there is a link to their nutrition. Specific nutrient deficiency signs can turn up after years of missing them in the diet. For example, vitamin B12 takes up to seven years to manifest as nerve damage. On the other hand, water soluble vitamin C is needed in the diet every day in order to prevent deficiency.

Supporting The Workout

Missing nutrients in the diet can interfere with our fitness goals. If, for example, we are deficient in key energy production vitamins like the B-complex, we may be tired after a workout and wonder why. Knowing that there may be a link between our diet and our feeling of well being can help us accomplish our goals.

Choosing Supplements

Knowing which nutrients we are deficient in allows us to make more informed choices about which supplements to take. Many people are spending money on supplements that are not really that important for their current state of health. We may be surprised to find out which nutrients we are most in need of.

Tracking Progress

Seeing the information in a food journal allows us to make changes to the diet and see the corresponding improvements. If we add more green leafy vegetables because we read that they are high in folic acid, we will see our levels of folic acid increase. As things improve on our charts, we will also begin to feel better.

How About the Basics

It ought to be everyone's fitness goals to have all the recommended daily intakes for nutrition met. Without good nutrition we undermine our progress. FitDay has prepared a comprehensive journal that allows a comparison over time. Once we see where we need improvement, we can begin to make changes and track that progress.
People Who Care

It is also helpful to be within reach of a supportive community of people who have similar health goals. FitDay provides that connection through online forums and supportive literature. With that at our fingers, fitness is definitely within reach!

Aaron Ander is is a holistic health care consultant and educator with a background in nutrition, iridology, reiki, biochemistry and muscle testing. With many personal health challenges as a child, Aaron struggled his way to good health and overcame disease using natural means alone. This success led to a diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition and a relentless pursuit of the roots of illness. He has visited and lived on organic farms in an effort to understand what constitutes a truly holistic life. Aaron currently lives with family in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada, where he writes articles for the holistic health community and has a healing practice. To contact Aaron please visit his professional homepage at

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